I like my turkey fried. by Adrienne Blumthal

In the industry we usually start cooking turkeys for Thanksgiving images in July. By the time Thanksgiving actually arrives, I'm usually turkey-ed out...

A few years ago we started frying our Thanksgiving turkeys. Honestly, don't think I'll ever go back to roasting. In addition to how amazing they taste, frying a turkey only takes about and hour and like most outdoor cooking, the process becomes an event, where people gather around. It brings good conversation while making good food. Plus, as a bonus, frying the turkey frees up a lot of oven space!


Dripbook by Adrienne Blumthal

I was pretty stoked that Dripbook featured some of my work this month.  It's hard to include all of the work I do here on my site, which is why I love Dripbook... It allows me to make portfolios that showcase my work a little bit differently.  You can check out my Dripbook portfolios here

Bake From Scratch Magazine Summer Issue by Adrienne Blumthal

The 2016 Baker's Dozen List

Five years ago I made the bold decision to leave a great agency job, where I worked with amazing people to go to pastry school. I didn’t really have a plan. I just knew that I loved to bake and I wanted to inspire other people to bake. It was a huge and scary risk and viewed as a provocative choice by some. It was a daring move, but one I made to better myself.

Last month I was named on Bake from Scratch Magazine’s "2016 Bakers Dozen" list. What they call, "The movers and shakers, shaping the future of the baking world.” I can’t even begin to communicate what an honor this is. I’m so proud to have been chosen to represent the community of scratch baking alongside 12 other amazingly talented people.

To anyone out there contemplating a change, do it. And do it for you. I’d much rather have failed, than have regrets for not trying.

Beautiful Mess by Adrienne Blumthal

Most of my time is spent in the kitchen focusing on creating a stunning end product. But often times the mess that's left behind is very beautiful (and real) in it's own way. Here are a few of my favorite scrappy messes...


Summer time skewers by Adrienne Blumthal

I had a blast working on this summer time skewer story with Olson Engage and Reynolds. I pretty much love anything on a stick, so these not-so-ordinary options were a blast to make and eat!

Check out the whole story here!

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 11.21.23 AM.png

Turkeys, turkeys... by Adrienne Blumthal

I made a lot of turkeys in 2015!