We're Moving to Atlanta, Y'all by Adrienne Blumthal

It's bittersweet, but true. Steve and I LOVE Chicago, but moving to the south comes a whole lot of new and exciting opportunities. The good news is that we'll be back in Chicago often, so often that we're working as locals. We will miss nearly everything but the winters, but are looking forward to establishing ourselves in Atlanta.


Easter Bacon by Adrienne Blumthal


Like many, I love to eat bacon. I was beyond excited when my friends at Olson Engage asked me to create a few fun edibles out of bacon for their client Oscar Mayer for Easter. Bacon baskets, bacon stuffed bunnies, bacon Easter grass...  I loved it, seems like the folks at PopSugar loved it too!


The Christmas Card by Adrienne Blumthal

A few years ago Steve and I decided to do a wacky Christmas card. We had so much fun that now it's become our new tradition. We designate one day and allow a budget of 100 bucks. Steve and I got married last August, so we decided I should wear my wedding dress. He stuck with his elf character from the previous card. Between the holidays, work and running PieBox, our life is total chaos. This image is indented to represent that!

The 'hot durkey' by Adrienne Blumthal

My friends at Olson Engage contracted me to create a Thanksgiving "turkey" made out of hotdogs for their client Oscar Mayer. It might have been one of the most fun and quirky projects I've done. The masterpiece, dubbed the "Hot Durkey" turned out pretty great. Complete with hotdog bun "stuffing" and various hotdog condiment fixin's. It went viral too, which is always fun!

The Huffington Post has step-by-step instructions if you want to give it a go!